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Bat-Town a starting setting for Barbaric characters in Ambition & Avarice


your town is full of bats

The stench and the fluttering of wings are the first things the inhabitants of Bat-Town get used too, along with the wet and the gloom.  Perched on top of the foundation of millinia old ruins deep underground next to a slowly crawling underriver, Bat-Town is trading post and bazar for the denizens of the Under.  The Under is a sprawling mass of twisted broken ruins thrown about a maze of natural and unnatural caverns, vents, and rivers deep below the surface of the world.
here and there little bits of light peek through the gloom from either holes to the surface, glowing fungi or the fire of burning stones. It is home to the Dark Elves, Goblins, Orcs, Hobgoblins and Lizardmen who have come to live there for varied reasons of security, trade, or cunning ambition.

No one knows who the built the foundations that  Bat-Town is built upon, or how they ended up so deep beneath the surface, but its the Bats that give the town its name. Thousands of them, and Hundreds of the giant variety living in the top of the cavern is what first brought the Dark Elves here and later the Goblins, later the Hobgoblins and Orcs arrived fighting a desperate retreat down the Crumbling Stair and establishing the Last Bastion at its base. Perhaps the silent Lizardmen were already here deep in their steamy spawning pools.

The Dark Elves number just over a hundred made up of several matron lead families specializing in Bat training, poisons, and Arcane studies, living in the upper reaches of of the main cavern named GloomHeights. This is an arched area of ancient worked stone cut into an overhang and accessed only by riding bat or a single spiral stair, they really have little to do outside of some trading with the denizens of the lower levels.  As often happens with these families of Dark Elves, children nearing adulthood are cast out or leave for various reasons to go and make there own way in the underworld.

The Goblins of Bat-Town are the most numerous denizens numbering well over 500 and living both in a the haphazardly built town and along the river banks in a series of small caves know as the Warrens. Legend tells that they came to the area along the underground river system of which they still to this day navigate on their crude hide boats and rafts. generally thought of as fourth class citizens by the bigger and stronger dwellers of Bat-Town they do have their uses and are allowed to multiple if not prosper

Across the river, through a giant mushroom forest that serves as a food source and hunting  for the cavern is the great Crumbling Stair and its twin towers called Last Bastion, here live the Hobgoblins and Orcs who years ago retreated to this area and fortified the towers from a long forgotten foe. They number no over 200 hobgoblins and 50 or so Orcs, ( the Orcs keep their numbers down fighting among themselves) here they venture out either to the surface or up the stair, doing what they do, raiding and pillaging.

Deep below where the lava tunnels meet the water are the Spawning Pools, here is the traditional migratory home of the Lizardmen of the caverns, no one knows where they come from or where they go but they often trade with Bat Town or pass through on their way to their closely  guarded pools. They do not have a set number in their steamy area but usually at least 50 can be found.

Bat-Town itself is made up of several notable structures and buildings

  • The Hall of the Knife is a kind of club run by Goblin rum runners offering entertainment both vile and exotic
  • The Orcish Cartographers Guild is a repository for both crudely drawn maps and pit fighting
  • Zappos Expeditions is a general mercantile and expedition recruiting business nominally run by a  hobgoblin sergeant and some business minded goblins
  • The Docks, a dozen vessels a day leave here both up river and down, of various sizes and water worthiness
  • KUNK BREWERY is the largest manufacturing business, they make mushroom beer which is both food and drink its so thick, they are often looking for harvest workers
  • The Guano works is a impressive and smelly operation where the bat droppings are pressed into fuel cakes and other incendiaries
  • The tower of Idols is the tallest structure in town and is filled with niches for various idols of unknow deities, it is for lack of better the religious hub of town
  •  The Swine Lot is a auction house of sorts for various creatures caught and raised among the caverns

Recent Rumors heard about town

  • three sorties of hobgoblin and orc scouts have gone up the Crumbling Stair, none have returned but explosions were heard,  the goblins fear a dwarf invasion and are selling off heavy loot
  • strange lights and sounds were heard in Gloomheights , Dark Elves say nothing to worry about, ritual cleansing
  • Porthuius Occular, A goblin says he discovered a large golden idol that he claims talked to him, he is forming a religion and will pay well for someone to help him bring it to town
  • at Tunnel BZ-1265 ( a hobgoblin tunnel labeling system) it sounds like bells are ringing down the east shaft, hobgoblins arnt interested in exploring but the Orcish Cartographers want a map
  • Something took a bite out of a prize giant bat, GalNuhat a Dark Elf is looking to send someone to the surface to look around and see what did it
  • A party of travelers is sought heading north to Glimmer (another complex up river) to deliver a package, see Jovial Jolly at the Hall of the Knife
  • Pozzberries are in high demand in Gloomheights, only found on the surface near the river
  • Apex the Goblin is always looking for fungus gathers in the eastern fungal caverns, armed guard recommended , pays well
  • a human was found floating downstream with some savage looking arrows in his back, Guff at the brewery thinks he might have been attacked by snakemen from the arrows, who knows, whats more important is why where savage humans so close, Important people want to know

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