Sunday, October 7, 2012

The pretty little orbitals around ASE

So, i found this thing its called ASE, its not just a megadungeon its a whole setting and world and i think its pretty great so i wanted to include it in my scifi game.  I first found out about it from reading Dungeon of Signs (and if your not reading that also, why not?) it bizarre, gonzo, 80’s anf all in all cool.

you see, the gods on this planet are all unbraked AI , they are all circling the planet on satellite orbitals over a ravaged post apocalyptic world ruled by warlords and wizards. i wondered how i would fit this in as i had a whole sector drawn up and all with bug eyed aliens and crazy robots already, i had spent weeks working on it and had all kinds of notes.  And then my players did the one thing that all players do, they surprised me and ran, they ran from the law in a preteck exploration ship set to return to its home base, and thats how we ended up in orbit over ASE.

the first thing i did was sketchup a quick orbital space station, and went to work on developing just what AI they would meet and who and what would be.  

Next up
what does a orbital that been abandoned for thousands of years look like, who would live there, and tell me about this mysterious unbraked AI