Sunday, August 5, 2012

ConstantCon new calendar

Looking for Games on G+, trying to find out who is running what, what time, day, and timezone? look no further.  the new calandar is up on constantcon more info here. most of the rule sets these guys and gals are standard old school compatible games using that system you are familiar with. the best part you can pop in and around all the universal settings that different gm's have.   these characters are called FLAILSNAILS


Ive been playing several games these last few weeks, one of which took place on the HMS Appollyn setting at dungeon of signs   home of a drifting derelict cruise-ship as mega-dungeon with froglings and creeping death and FLYING MONKEYS.

my other setting of choice is Wampus at Wampus county. gentleman bastards and faeries and pink elephants with a certain Oregon trail flair. humorous, spooky, and randomly historical with PISTOLS and MAGIC MISSILES

even if you arnt up to playing online over hangout, check these places out for all the cool setting info, its not your older brothers typical dungeons and dragons