Friday, August 3, 2012

character classes in Other Dust

People have asking about the four classes in the book other dust here they are as quoted with possible OSR fantasy character comparison

Scroungers are experts at finding and salvaging the relics of 
Old Terra, transforming trash into functioning marvels of lost 
technology. Badlands salvagers, enclave techs, crazed scientists 
wielding the last artifacts of a dead world- scroungers defy the 
darkness of the New Earth to bring ancient fire to their people.

kinda thief-esque with a little cleric of the old ways

There are a wealth of things that need killing in the New Earth, 
and the Slayer excels at this bloody work. Where others may be 
skilled warriors and hardened combatants, the Slayer possesses an 
uncanny aptitude for murder. Some use their talents to defend 
their people, holding off the ravening mutants and savage raiders 
of the badlands. Others find more profit in living as a red-handed 
I see slayers as very assassin-esque

Between the scattered enclaves of humanity on the New Earth 
there stretches not only the peril of the radioactive wastes, but also 
paranoia, mistrust, and ignorance. The Speaker binds scattered 
men and women together in a greater cause. He convinces foes to 
reconcile, cowards to fight, and the hopeless to rise in defiance of 
their doom. Whether prophet, visionary, chieftain, or hard-bitten 
merchant, the Speaker makes a cause out of a scattered mob.

this had bard written all over it with a dash of cleric

The survivor keeps going where others lie down to die. They are 
the dwellers in the wilderness, the hard souls that move from 
enclave to enclave, the teachers who bring the arts of agriculture, 
medicine, and woodcraft to the ignorant. The survivor’s skills aid 
not only her own survival, but also sustain those who rely on her 

survivor always love dogs
i see this as very ranger-esque and the perfect fit for having mutations

combine those with the existing Stars Without Numbers of psychic, soldier, and expert and the options are limitless