Friday, August 3, 2012

D20's and bloodymarys. Recruiting For "Other Dust" Three Session Arc Beginning August 19th

Other Dust intro adventure “Grandfathers Rain”    by SineNomine Publishing


SUNDAY AUGUST 19th start, 2-3 sessions 10am CTZ (us)  4pm BST (UK) 7pm MSK(moscow)

Are you ready to battle giant flaysnakes and radioactive abominations, parlay with mutant traders and distrustful enclave leaders?  have you ever wondered what a laser pistol would do to a radioactive watermelon at point blank range or worried if drinking the water would grow you a third arm? discover just what the world is like around such places as BrokenTree and Digger Springs. Who are the cultists of the Silent Lady?

  • intro adventure for Other Dust.
  • If you liked Stars without numbers, this is the Post Apocalyptic version of the same game
  • look up and send a message to +James Aulds on G+(photo has person in referee shirt)  and i will form an interest list
  • most likely 3 sessions on Aug 19th Aug 26th Sept 2nd
  • we will handle all characters in google docs, play on hangouts, and have limited mapping on twidla
  • if you are unfamiliar with the game we can work out characters beforehand in hangout or mail. pdf is available at  drive through rpg
  • please go ahead and roll up 2 standard characters per the rules in the book and if you want to use mutation points that's fine.