Tuesday, October 23, 2012

down down down into the gatehouse

Same cast of characters so far, but this was done over 2 sessions, one long Saturday and a normal Tuesday and so one of the henchmen was played by a guest

last time we got the door open after much walking, this time we explore. ROOM DESCRIBTIONS PURPOSELY OBSCURE for spoiler reasons

looking through the open door, our sturdy adventures and henchhuminoids entered cautiously, they after all had seen some cyber-bear spore, but where not interested in sticking around the cave.  They headed down in the direction of the lab area and quickly came into contact with some automons, They did not bother to use diplomacy and quickly gutted their wires. (maybe we need to do some on the fly upping of HD, scribble scribble, note , note)  

exploring down halls and stairs a little more they a room literally full of more ramshackle automons and quickly pull the pin figuratively on their remaining supply of grenades (lots of noise, lots of damage, lots of bits laying around) at this point i just started having a random encounter every room, because we had woken up everything, its one way to clear a dungeon after all.

what followed next was lots of sneaking, which i didnt understand as the earlier grenades negated the need, but it was fun. i kept the greater leviathan's in reserve and tooled them as steel leviathans on the fly. the party eventually made there way to some simulated treasure but where wary of it and used telekinisis for optimal looting effect

this session ended with a flight of highly advanced radioactive stirges winging their way down the hall towards the party ( this was a long Saturday session, but a sick baby cut it shorter than planned, so we ended on a cliff hanger. )


we left our intrepid adventures with a flight of green glowing hungry bugs swarming down from one direction and something big clanking around from around the corner. heres where i have a houserule, i like CLEAVE, especially on hordes of smaller than human things, and thats just what our space princess did, she charged at them swinging. everytime she hit one and wounded it with better than half her damage on the dice, i let her take a swing at another one. She hit well and she damaged well and by the end of it she had a pile of green goo and murder at her feet, BUT, she ended up looking like shehulk and feeling stronger due to a few of them hitting her and some well placed rolls.

the boys behind her braced behind a super strong boarding shield and lobbed the last of the grenades around the corner at whatever was treading towards them through a now smokefilled halway. Imagine their suprise when two heavy machine guns opened up on them. they made saves and the guns missed but we still rolled strength checks to keep standing behind the braced shield. This was a glorious combat as we had melee fighters back to back with ranged weapons fighting a two front assault.  lots of concentrated weapons fire slowed the leviathan to a crawl as it raised it melee choppa to slice them down as the last of the stirges where slaughtered in the other direction. everyone was wounded some very critical when they started wondering "where are the henchhuminoids"


you see, since we had started this session in the middle of a fight, i kinda expected them to ask about the hench's. they didnt until the battle was over, so i had them slip off with all the loot they where being forced to carry during the fight. well except for the mute one eyed fling monkey JANGELLS, he stayed at the cave entrance earlier because the space princess called him cute, he can hear, just cant talk ASTRID had already been gamma spit by a stirge the session before and was glowing green, MONY had been played by a guest the week before, and the HONORABLE SAMURAI had fallen to ASTRID's hypnotism to lead the way out, she is crafty like that.

much time after the battle was spent analyzing the newly glowing space princess with a bio scanner, she seems ok. much time was spent trying to salvage the only undamaged 70lb heavy machine gun off the steel leviathan. even more time was spent discussing the dangers of grenades and loud noises in the dungeon. meanwhile the 3 henches where on the run out of the complex


 going into the reactor core was dicey for the adventures with ever increasing flights of radioactive stirges flapping about and being sliced, but we eventually made it through there and into the dust room. i knew the dust ghosts wouldn't be a challenge as they where so i made them more of a puzzle. they just hovered up and stared at the party, the party who avoided them like they should because any contact was going to be electrically charged.  tension was very high at this time as they backtracked a little and wondered why there was a cage on the ceiling.


we eventually meandered through rooms we had been in before that where mysteriously clean of automon debris and glanced cautiously into the room with the guard leviathan.

"Greetings Researchers, are you prepared to enter the facility"
"Um, no, whats in the chests"
"combat research documents and sundry knick knacks"
"whats behind the door"
"are you not researchers"
"Yes, yes, we are"
"please sign the book if you wish entry to the complex"
"ok, we will be back later"
"as you wish, researchers"

So, no, as of now the door hasnt been opened to below, i think they are scared of the guard. They doubled back towards the entry and low and behold they found another battle, this time it wasnt them in the battle though but ASTRID, MONY, and the SAMURAI fighting a giant CYBER_BEAR with a radiobackpack. they kinda just stood there and watched before someone wanted to use the heavy machinegun on the whole group. meanwhile the monky was taking a nap in a hammock with a pineapple drink, where that came from no one asked


lets just say disloyal henchmen and bear where suppressed.  ASTRID slipped away with the loot, a katana lost its owner, and the guest players character MONY was just knocked out. The cyber bear was put in bio-stasis with talk of healing and befriending him, whatever that means


I like to give my group options, lots of them, so hence the radio on the bears back, its a SAT-NAV radio, the kind you can talk to ships in space with. while they where pondering what to do and dragging bodies into the cave entrance, JANGELLS starting twirling some dials and got lots of noise and some voices and then started sending morse code into the atmosphere. noticing this they managed to contact AJAX, an expert they had left on their ship and tinkering with another ship in the orbital's hanger

He reported that the original exploration ship in wich they arrived in this sector had been dismantled by now hostile robots but him and several ORBITAL VERMIN had managed to get the other ship a flying saucer out of the bay and where circling the orbital. The vermin had good drugs and Twinkies and all was cool, did they want a ride!!!!

About this time someone noticed a giant stone head circling the mountain

So, thats where we left it, back to the orbital or space in general, down to open the door to the lower level, or off to search for ASTRID and the loot in that big city by the river. ill find out in about and hour and yall will find out later if you are still reading this