Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting there is half the sneaking

Our next session had us walking or rather sneaking around at night , offroad towards the mountain, this post will mostly be things they saw and avoided or dealing with things they couldn't avoid

The Cast

Queue level 2 chameleon alien Psychic with a background in Bio-Tech lab research
Grog Nash level 2 man-boar (hogeth) warrior with a criminal bent for breaking and entering
Rythin Coa level 2 Space Princess warrior hot with a blaster and on the run from her disgraced family
Rex Ripcord level 2 ex mercenary warrior from a frozen swamp planet

with skeptical henchmen

Kyoto, Samurai , Honorable to a fault
Asrtid, card shark illusionist
Mony, Female adventuress in armored corset
and Jangells , the mute, oneeyed flying monkey with a blunderbus

we set off in the direction the map indicated, skirting roads and habitable places traveling at night

we saw and avoided in no particular order

a large Obelisk with red blinking lights at its top

three creepy statues at the start of a road leading to same obelisk

we saw a man riding a giant bee in the sky

we saw ghost like astronauts  drilling with military precision in an open field

we avoided the shadows of the flying deer like creatures

we carefully edged around a well kept town and farm area with a tower and clockworks

we ran from the large hybrid beast thing hunting in the woods

as to any interaction with the locals it came the morning the party was leaving the Fens,
several fen dead scouts with a couple of ghost drummers riding giant toads

well being that out Man-Boar has a recently acquired  hatred of large frogs and the party thinks all zombies must be destroyed, combat ensued with a clever ambush, liberal grenade use, a charge against shambling zombies, some crack laser gun shots, and aerial support from a flying monkey. the ghost drummers where wisely dealt with first before they could get many spells off and hilarity ensued when the Psychic tried to control the zombies by using the drum. not particularly musical, he instead enraged the zombies while the rest of the group dealt them mighty blows and automatic weapons fire.

rummaging through the corpses after the battle, Astrid muttered something about magic and cut the drum skins off to stares from our space-adventures (magic spells on the drum heads) a few plastic toys where found along with a human skin map of the area (places to avoid).  they did seem amused that every time the monky fired his blunderbuss he tumbled in the air from recoil and that the zombies all had cheap toys strung on necklaces for whatever reason.

but the joy of grenades and automatic weapons fire brought out more of the inquisitive looking for them, more giant bees in the air and a large floating stone head with laser beams for eyes. they hide well, too well some days.

finally reaching the mountain, after several days of skulking about and avoiding conflict, they see an epic aerial battle between the head and the bee in the sky but clouds prevent seeing its conclusion

arriving at the cave entrance to the gatehouse to ASE, they are kinda puzzled by the bear spore mixed with transistors  and bits of wire (the cyber-bear was not home) and manage to hack the control panel to open the door (i sometimes need to let them use those criminal and computer skills, over dropping sick rock in, but it cost them a battery pack)

lower on ammunition and with just a few precious grenades left, what will the gatehouse have in store for them?