Sunday, October 21, 2012

assault on the red demon

Im gonna jump right in a start on these since its getting interesting, but first we are gonna back up a bit and go to the characters first interaction with the world of ASE planetside, they had already escaped through a wormhole, briefly visited the hanger of the orbital and gotten sent on a mission by an unnamed to them AI who zapped them planetside because i really wanted to play THE RED DEMON by Gustie. It looked just about right for one session and with a little tooling might give them a challenge, i offered them two choices to get there  and all i told them was they where to go find something that was lost.  they chose to go the fast and  stealthy way, so teleport it was. i also told them it was a brutal place, they took that as primitive for some reason and left all the heavy firepower and exosuit armor on their ship adopting a more medieval look, but they did take some gadgets that came into play

The Cast

Queue level 2 chameleon alien Psychic with a background in Bio-Tech lab research
Grog Nash level 2 man-boar (hogeth) warrior with a criminal bent for breaking and entering
Rythin Coa level 2 Space Princess warrior hot with a blaster and on the run from her disgraced family
Rex Ripcord level 2 ex mercenary warrior from a frozen swamp planet

standing around the Red Demon they noticed some bubbles popping up from the blackwater at the side of the tank, and being brave adventures quickly formed the plan to climb to the top to the Demon to the fighting deck. After some gravity defying climbing with a rope harness and a grappling hook , a few bruises later we where up top. The combination locks proved no small challenge to our criminality bent party members since the good loot is always locked away, and a little tumbler rolling got them open.  The door, now that was another matter, but a resourceful laser cutting torch that they remembered they had found earlier (now out of juice) left just  big enough of a hole for the Battle-Crow (combat crowbar) to open with some strength checks.

no one wanted to try to load the cannon with old shells as i neglected to provide sutable targets except for mango trees and swamp water in the distance, so we delved deeper in the Beast. The Chamber of Secrets provided the Beasts original target, a little scolding about trespassing from yet another AI, and a map of the area to the target, the opening to ASE

Hearing a clatter of things downhatch from all the noise they had made already they proceeded to run into
autochthonic-cybernecromantic-entity's. This posed a huge challange and the fight was on, several party members taking damage and nearing blackout, UNTIL!!!!.   They noticed the connecting cables and severed them, causing a nasty electrical arc to hit them each time they did so.  The control unit was mostly left in place on the wall after its cyber-zombs where cut free and a few things looted with telekinsis from a safe distance.

Going down that hatch led us to control and command, jewelry and goldplated guns where looted before going into the destroyed belly of the Demon, and down into the lair of the Tyrant. The Tyrant scored a direct hit on the hardiest of our warriors the Man-Boar and dropped him with its poison into a coma, but quick thinking  and a little telekinisis hauled him up and he spent the rest of night sleeping it off with some space age healing.

Holed up in command and control for the night, our adventures hatched a cunning plan to defeat the Tyrant, they dropped a fuel canister down in the hole and opened it with telekinisis, the glowing green sick rock poured out into the water and nothing happened. they kept repeating they where staying at a safe distance as they dropped canister number 2 into the water with nothing but a puff of black dust (mummy rot) to that effect. so after completely poisoning the Tyrants lair, they just shut the hatch and went back to the gods eye to try to make contact with another AI.

After fiddiling with some dials a familiar voice asked

"have you found what i sent you to retrieve"
"Um, what where we spose to find"
"Well, what have you found"
"Junk, stabby things, a large multieyed frog, and some canisters"
"yes, the canisters, are they all there and intact, do not open them"
"well mostly, the frog ate one"
"disturbing news, haul them out so that i might retrieve them"

after hauling all the remaining canisters to the top and lowering them down the side, not seeing to realize the large gaping hole in the side of the Demon would have worked for that, they only dropped one. It contained a large green smoke demon who needed to go empty his bladder on a tree and told them THEY owed him a favor for not killing them, he would be watching, as he scooted off into the swamp. (it was late by this time)

having asked for some guidance and help from the AI, (who they have yet learned its name) a group of huminoids appeared from the mists, HENCHMEN, a gift from the AI of lost travelers more of Gusties excellent tables used here

Kyoto, Samurai , Honorable to a fault
Asrtid, card shark illusionist
Mony, Female adventuress in armored corset
and Jangells , the mute, oneeyed flying monkey with a blunderbus

and then they walked towards the target of ASE