Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spears of Dawn, Sine Nomine's Newest Offering

everyone who has talked to me about games knows how much i like Stars Without Number here, its

  1. free to download, and that makes getting players easier as they have less cash investment, same with no art LabLord, MF, LotFP and others
  2. customizable  Sci-Fi, that has all the GM tools bells and whistles (TAG SYSTEM)  and the kitchen sink of random tables galore
  3. completely compatible with lots of stuff and its own Post-apocalyptic game OTHERDUST , its  Old School Game with bolted on skills, background packages, and training                 
  4. very resilient for doing what you need it to do with only a few dozen pages of RULES, all of these RULES say "do with me what you please"  
so imagine how excited i am to see this coming out soon (funded in 36 hours but several days left)

its the system i use and like, but its different in the fact that its not the normal euro-centric quasi-medival setting, its "Spears of the Dawn is a new African-inspired fantasy role-playing game built with the free Stars Without Number game system. It contains all the tools and guidance players need to sample a pastiche of rich, delicious African-inspired fantasy gaming. "

how cool is that, and different, and useful. useful because it will include magic into the system, and if im reading this right, 3 kinds of magic, so along with all my old school esque space and mutant goodness, i can now drop a a whole continent of mystery, magic, and  choices

cant wait for this to be available for more info sine nomine
its a KS, but im pointing you at the companies web site and not the KS because there are some really cool things to read about the game there before you even look at the KS, us all being a little KS weary but this is just too good to pass up.