Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Planning and a Question

So, im working on stuff for the homegame tonight, its been two weeks since we got together due to illness of players, i have no idea which way they will go because they always do odd things. im kinda planning out what im gonna put up here and that gets me wondering. would level by level summaries be interesting instead of a wholesale map and key, because i really want to play around some with other groups.

im thinking of posting a level map and a general room key explaining just the name of the room, but leaving out the details, and then including a link to file with the full key.  im not worried about players seeing the map as i plan to have a map of that level of the orbital posted near all main stairways and elevators, just the outline of it, like in major modern buildings

or would it be better to keep the detailed key separate until they are all done, thoughts?

in other news, i will have the play report from gusties "red demon" up later this week, i just relized i didnt have the character names for the players, just the nicknames i have assigned them in my brain: princess, man pig, chameleon, and redneck merc (yep its an interesting group)