Saturday, October 13, 2012

Orbiting around a rock, the sights you will see upon your arrival


a couple of different options for you!!

the simple for the sci-fi game:  my players on the run from the stellar law in their system jumped in an unmanned pretech exploration ship with a set destination, so clean slate, they end up anywhere i wanted them too. i wasn't really expecting them to take this route but it worked

So you have so Fantasy characters you would like to take to space.   abandoned cave complex, then steel halls, then a strange door to a rocket ship or better yet TotGaD 2 has a spaceship adventure in it, could it be from here.

there is powerful AI on this orbital, some of them act as the gods for the planet below, could your cleric have a vision to build a SPELLJAMMER


well think of a shiny top floating in space over the planet, the top is rounded and glass like a conservatory (are those trees and a pond in that, why yes they are)  but wait, crawling over this glass area is a big metallic spider thing shooting lightning ( exterior repair droid on routine maintenance )

below this is the housing of the orbital, from the outside you will see several large openings with spaceway umbilical s to connect to larger ships and a few ports for smaller shuttles and the such. below this you will see windows, some lit, some dark, maybe even one with a quick view of something humanoid and alive. you might even see that one of the lower levels has lots of damage to one side and a bunch of space junk floating around it.

bigger ships will have to attach to one of the spaceway umbilical s but that should be no problem for an experienced pilot or autopilot, opening the door might be a challenge depending on how you want to play that.  non experienced pilots or turnip farmer barbarians from some fantasy realm might need the help of the station computer, which might or might not be helpful depending on what AI is paying attention

In large glowing letters on the bottom section it reads 148BZ

(i will detail some ways in on this levels map and key)

careful observation will reveal

1 one of the umbillicals looks recently used, scraped paint oiled hatch and such 
2 one of the smaller portals for shuttles is severely damaged like something crashed into it
3 scanning for life signs if capable will show activity of a smallish size all over the station in the between decks
4 attempting to use COMMS or scanning radio waves will get all kinds of different music, twirl that radio dial effect
5 theres a 2 in 6 chance that there is a visiting ship, see forthcoming entry on space amazon pirates
6 the orbital might think you are hostile, its cranky like that, cue sandblasters and Gatling laser turrets, duck and run or full speed ahead?

and this is just what you see from the OUTSIDE

placeholder pic until i find my scanner under the cat