Friday, October 12, 2012

Rewind a little, and let me lay this out

So, why am i writing this up,

first off i needed something for an impromptu home game, i wasn't prepared for it, so we kinda just went with SWN, its a cool system, easy on the GM and the players, and free for download

then i started talking about it on G+, and people started asking questions, so i decided to try doing the blog thing

what i am about to layout is what my vision of a space orbital in the ASE world setting, currently the home game has just touched down on the spaceport, and then got zapped planet side to explore because i needed a bit more time, that not prepared bit bites back.

i have 3 fighters and psi in the home game, along with a few npcs/henchmen they are looking for a way back up to their ship on the orbital, im sure they will figure out soon enough how to do that

why did i want to take a sci fi group to the ASE world, because its fricking cool and has lots of things to do and a vibrate game setting. they seem to be enjoying it

so heres my outline for the next few weeks

getting to the orbital, a couple of different ideas, with a description of the outside

the spaceport level with lost ships, lost travelers and haunted luggage

the botany level, cryptobiology gone wrong and the tomb of the amazon space princess

the museum of musical culture and a golden fiddle

factions of the orbital, Orbital Vermin, GeistRobotica, and some pretty pirates

the between decks, how to wander them without a map

the commercial level, casino, bar and grill, some stylish shopping and a bank

rooms and rooms, guest services of the orbital

sinister plans, malware research and you: the deepspace exploration research deck

and will it fall out of the sky, the final fate of orbital 148bz

now that i have an outline let me get to writing, im hoping to post twice a week, all the nice feedback has gotten me to do this so thanks