Tuesday, November 13, 2012

haunted luggage

In tonight's home game we return to the orbital, i expect it will take them a few minutes to find the luggage area of the space port terminal which is surprisingly empty except for this

carefully stacked jenga stack of luggage, use trunks or chests in your fantasy game

many things could happen should the players choose to pull one out.  at least half will be empty, 1d4 of them will be trapped, 1 will be full of somethings treasure (anything from an eyeball collection to 27 pounds of semiworthless 1cp gems) and 1d3 of them will be haunted and there most likely gonna fall (dex check)

Haunted Luggage

description: batter, well used, travel worn, lots of airtags or addresses on the outside, any sized really from a small satchel to a seabag to a large trunk

  1. valise, small brown leather, scuffed, odd stains on the bottom 
  2. suitcase, wooden and leather, exotic destination stickers all over it
  3. large brown sack of woven cloth closed with rope
  4. round hat box, decoupaged with sheet music
  5. metal lunchbox with whimsical cartoon animals 
  6. beat up cardboard box, well taped, but weather and water will destroy it
  7. lime green satin covered makeup case, mirror in lid
  8. large steamer trunk, covered in rust and dried muck
  9. small pink leatherette overnight bag, decorated with rhinestones
  10. hard sided Samsonite, with wheels and handle to pull
  11. top closed sea bag with anchor and wing motif stenciled on side 
  12. lightweight nylon backpack in blaze orange, compass on zipper

origins: haunted luggage always has had a previous owner who was well traveled and died violently in their travel clutching this very bag or case. the spirit of the deceased wishes to keep traveling even though it is embedded in the bag  

not trapped, not locked, please make a fear check just to open it, you have a bad feeling, you just cant shake it. once you do decide to open it and pass the save whatever it does or has in it happens (see chart below) and it the haunting happens, the luggage adopts you as its traveler.

 if you choose to take the bag with you and use it nothing odd happens except you will get another random roll once per game session/day of opening the bag, you will still have to make a fear check to open the bag. in fantasy games it will detect magic and cursed, minor. each time you do this there is a chance the spirit will have faded out of the bag making it just old and mundane, cumulative chance increases every three times opened 

if you just take whats in the bag, if it is a physical object and toss the bag aside, the bag will still adopt you and will appear the next morning on a 3in 6 chance, right next to your other bag or pack.  your mundane bag or pack might have (2 in 6 chance) chew marks or rips in it mysteriously, making it useless unless repaired and here is this handy strange bag that keeps appearing if it does, how convenient. if you keep tossing it aside after 3 times it will get the hint and go away, if it is stolen or sold, it will bond with its new owner 5 in 6 times if they make a fear check to open it.

the bag dosent hold anymore than a normal bag or case of its type and will take normal damage 


upon opening the luggage 

  1. Banshee like scream, save for terror
  2. loaded pistol/laspistol, cypherbook, mysterious key, map to an unknown place printed on silk
  3. once fine clothing, now moth eaten, moths still hungry and will flutter around you eating you clothing 
  4. military insignia jewelry/medals and sheet music of a military march (bless like effect if played in battle)
  5. a ghost made of smoke, silent , brooding, follows you around for an hour, smells like sulpher
  6. bottle of strong spirits padded by old smelly socks
  7. sudden combustion of flame from bag, harmless (fear save or shaken)
  8. collection of dolls, creepy painted eyes, motion activated sound "momma" "momma" "murder"
  9. laughter for 1d6 rounds 
  10. full of water (holy?, Unholy?)
  11. glitterbomb, you sparkle now, plusses to hit you till you take a bath
  12. live chicken, speaks an archaic language, goes on about crossing roads, dies frozen solid in one hour
  13. bright flash, blinding   loud boom, deafening  ozone smell in air (vision of something?)
  14. echos of conversation from the distant past or another plane (secrets?) 
  15.   animated rope (one day), ball gag, riding crop, feather
  16. superhero mask and cape (special power if worn, random and short term)
  17. rotten eggs, meat and vegetables
  18. opening fast grows spring flowers from bag, fragrant, hidden in bouquet is a grenade
  19. sick rock (mutation and/or sickness)
  20. full of an unknown paper currency (worthless) and a brick of illicit drug (random)  
if you have anymore add them to the comments, id like to make it a 6d6 list