Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sector mapping out the Gothic

we possibly might be leaving the dungeon on the next game day, we might go back to space, so i grabbed my handy copies of TotGaD and fiddled with it a bit adding SWN tags. what we end up with is a world that was already mapped out being remapped into a sector with planets and space stations

2012-11-03 16.09.05.jpg

(NOTE, the planet MUSE is missing on this map, its in THE LIBERTIES , this is the working copy and i just didnt get the words to fit, and yes i do use odd graph paper, but it allows planets to be near each other but still take a few lines of spike drive, to the far right are THE WILDS, a combination of two of the TotGaD regions

if you are familiar with TotGaD the regions will be easy to identify, i like the setting alot, i plan to use it, just in SPACE

A brief Primer of the lost sector with names, flavor and SWN tags. if you are unfamiliar with SWN area/planet tags please see chapter seven in SWN

Garical- Decadent tradehub starport with hive cities overrun with crime, drugs and sinister bio-tech (Flying Cities, Trade Hub, Major Space Port)

Hoarfrost- Grim frozen planet of mercenary warriors and Psi witches (Rigid Culture, Hostile Biospere, Psionics Fear)

Cloudburst - Soggy Agri-world home to mal-tech cryoto-bilogy, violent storms, and superstition
(Freak Weather, Zombies, Secret Masters)

Harrows Lament- Industrial world controlled by two hostile corporations, full of hive cities and a polluted atmosphere (Heavy Industry, Secret Masters, Bubble Cities)

The Dominions - Asteroid Mining belt populated by pockets of feuding corporations fighting over ore rich hunks of space rock (Cold War, Heavy Mining, Hostile Space)

The Mysteries- Isolated area of psi academy moons, warrior clans, and secretly ruled by Unbraked AI (Unbraked AI, Psionics Academy, Minimal Contact)

The Liberties- Lawless Pirate moons where blasters are plentiful and life is cheap (Hostile Space, Friendly Foe, Trade Hub)

Zephyr - Fractured feudal colony world set amongst witch hunts, secret cults, and duelists (Sectarian, Psionics Fear, Feral World)

Hypogeum- Tomb world over run by AI controled robots (Tomb World, Unbraked AI, Sealed Menace)

Muse -Seemingly primitive forest world inhabited by warrior cults and high cities housing repositories of pre-tech knowledge (Preceptor Archive, Civil War, Pretech Cultists)

Rabesca- Cultured planet of spacefarers haunted by the spirits of lost pretech (Pilgrimage Site, Restrictive Laws, Theocracy)

The Wilds- Zone of wild radioactive magic, mutants, and lost worlds (Badlands World, Quarantine, Radioactive, Warlords, Hostile Space, Out of Contact) This effectively combines two areas into a chaos waste like area

The Shaes- a collection of primitive agri worlds on the edge of known space inhabited by tech fearing cultists, mutantants, and primitive agriculturalists  (Feral World, Forbidden Tech, Eugenic Cult)

Cathedral -Dreary bubble cities of stoic workers and tradition consumed by their own mortality and reliance on failing tech Industry and Interstellar Banking  (Bubble Cities, Police State, Exchange Consulate)

Thank you Fictive Hack for already drawing the map

i based the space sector map on the map drawn by Andrew and Kristy over at of the the world by Jack at be sure to see more images of it over at fictive fantasies. its basically an over draw of the map below, keeping relative location but instead of one world it turns it into many

map from with permission

in the pipeline, orbital vermin and three levels of the orbital