Sunday, December 2, 2012

ASE2-3 Why I Like it. Part 1 through 13

Not Really a Review itself but a list of the things i REALLY like about it, I Like it all or i wouldnt use the whole setting so much in my own stuff because when you get down to it, its really a lot more than a megadungeon and with ASE2-3 it becomes very apparent very quickly that there is a lot there to use, either in pieces or whole cloth

So, If your here you must have some relevant reason to be looking for ASE info, it is after all a niche inside of a niche inside of a..... you get the picture. from the blurb....

The Anomalous Subsurface Environment is more than just robots and lasers – its clowns and dinosaurs, too! Levels 2 and 3 of the critically ignored gonzo megadungeon are finally available – with more classes, more tables, and more cruel and unusual ways to die deep beneath the surface of the post-apocalyptic Earth!

Blurb Here and you can order it while your there

  1. It says its for LabLord system and its cousins, well i use it for SWN, both for setting bits and the rooms, i find it pretty much perfect for that and now with higher level stuff, even better
  2. an add on for firearms rules thats not too powerful and lots of fun
  3. new classes, robot, scientist, Insect, Moktar (see not just a dungeon, lots of cool stuff
  4. 4 new wizards for evil or npc use
  5. Art that fits the setting and is a pleasure to look upon
  6. Tables, and more tables
  7. NPC adventuring parties already stated and flavored to cause mishef
  8. an underground circus, how much fun can that be for the kids
  9. new spells, always useful
  10. Super Science stuff, well you can play a scientist now
  11. magic items with that certain gonzo element
  12. printable maps on the website shortcut here so you can mark up all the places your pc's die
13.and my favorite thing, more than 50 new monsters, these are some of the most fun monsters ive ever seen, fun monsters to harass your players is always good

theres really a lot here, ive skimmed, it read it, made notes, and just looked at the art, i really cant see why you wouldn't want this for just one of those 13 reasons if not all of them. I know i will be getting a lot of use from this volume, so Pat, when do we expect ASE4-5?