Saturday, December 1, 2012

Session Report, Going into ASE as an ASE Scientist

The other night in Gus L's ASE game he let me play one of the new scientists from the new ASE2-3
His blog about this is HERE. I really like the new class, A LOT, here follows Raymond 9043403Gamma's report to his superiors written in their mysterious science binary code but translated for mere test subjects

Report for Scientific Expedition 834893417
Year of Science 3487633.7
Day 23i4u34
2900 hours Celsius

Greeting and Praise of Science Doctor Ned

I Wish to report on the experiments and solutions of our expedition to area 839349545 on mountain 343i4u3i4uu form following the map that the Late Doctor Jones was studying.
I and my recent hire lab assistant Flame74348 along with several hybrid mercenary guard/test subjects have entered the long lost facility #34993430b nown to the natives as ruins on mt renden in their unscientific way of not assigning things numbers.

It Appears that the door was sealed and required a power-cylinder class 3 inserted into a humanoid mouth carving to operate its internal whirring mechanism. (soil and air samples forthcoming in larger parcel) Once we entered the first area i scientifically deduced that we should go left but the test subjects chose to go to a very unscientific right and test subject Reg7393048.1 was expired while conducting water tests on an ancient shower head. A mysterious substance of green goo pretty much dissolved his arm and medical aid was inefficient.  Sample of green goo was not obtained due to use of flaming oil from other test subjects and lab assistant, VERY UNSCIENTIFIC. you will find my material request for a new pair of black rubber gloves that were destroyed when i tried to assist the test subject in his suffering. (requisition attached 838484.3 Left and 739040.4 Right, Glove, Rubberized)

The next room contained several robots resembling data specs 73430404 but with corrupted processes units as they attacked us even after having been commanded not to by the word of Science. A few seemed to be self repairing after the fight that ran into another room, we should be able to recover these for later study, please see request  845885.3 for both UNIVERSAL OFF SWITCH #73902024 and Robot catching net 638499.4.  

Some other deteriorated artifacts were discovered (see included data sketches in larger parcel) upon going through other rooms and one large pipe-trap (see request 628399.5 for anti-magnetic trap finding pig)  

Upon going Left later we discover a anomaly of electrical dust that could easily have been taken care of by my receiving pre-expedition request 2849938.4 for the experimental anti dust oversized broom and backpack vacuum for samples along with research assistant to operate. I hope at this time you will reconsider since this is a giant discovery for SCIENCE.

Sightings of other robots of a more degraded type have been made, please send requested supplies and more test subjects
In Service to Science
Raymond 328394004Gamma