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D88 Whats in the Cryo - Stasis Chamber

On the Orbital there are a number of Stasis Chambers, who and what are in them is always asked by players when they find them, so i made a table. This is ment to be playable characters or henchpeople with an eye to ASE, TotGaD, LabLord, SWN,Other Dust, and my bizzare imagination . Feel free to do what you will with it

For some of the Mages i use the free  Theorems & Thaumaturgy.   

Roll two different colored D8, the table is broken up into tech levels and genres for ease of use, you will find the character class, brief description, and a little bit of equipment that might be preserves with them. all you need is a name (i make these up on the fly, and stats)

multiple use, this could be used as whos in the crypt, who is the stowaway, who is trying to kill me, anything really. If they are coming out of scientific or magical stasis i usually give them d4 levels and half hitpoints for a few days as being frozen hurts

Basic Shoot or Hit low tech guys and gals, assume most equipment is akin to burial goods

11. Ranger, Scruffy tattooed human of middle age dressed in leather buckskins and wolfskin hat. Equipped with hunting bow, 10 arrows, knife and a great disdain for being indoors and a mighty thirst for whiskey. last remembers being on the trail of some metal bear

12. Fighter, broken nosed and bruised mercenary, in chainmail with a greatsword. speaks a guttural ancient dialect of common and last remembers drinking and playing dice at a tavern. alcoholic and a bully to smaller people. fears magic

13. Thief , youngish female dressed in rags with the remains of a noose around her neck. remembers standing on the gallows and a storm on the horizon. excels in pickpocketing
and rooftop burglary

14. Fighter, tough leathery skin man in his 30’s, dressed in flowing red robes over half plate and carrying a matched set of scimitars, claims to have seen his God in a sandstorm and last remembers walking into the desert. does not drink or dance or laugh, silent most of the time with watchful eyes.

15. Thief, nearsighted locksmith with lock picking tools. dressed in homespun work clothes and with a balding head. has a uncanny knack with safes, locks, and traps. his last memories where of opening up a wizards chest a bright flash of light

16.  Ranger, stout woodsman with a large axe, dressed in plaid wool tunic and leather pants, smells of goats and sourmilk. claims that the last thing he remembers is the trees eyes opening up and the branches grabbing him

17 thief, adolescent child dressed in beggar's rags, has a cup with several copper coins in it, and will attach himself to the eldest party member and offer to steal for them. last remembers crawling into a warm box in a abandoned warehouse near the wharves. dislikes soap

18 fighter, fur and leather clad nomad with a spear and a hunting horn, claims to have been struck by a great light from the sky while hunting swamp rats at night.  will pass out at first sight of blood if save not made each combat, snores loudly while sleeping and eats with fingers

Basic casters in lab lord or equivalent tech level 2. i use T&T a lot here so you might want that download, OD is otherdust
21. scholar (bard or speaker OD), Older man dressed in toga, speaks in ancient dialect of common and has a large blank book, quills, ink and a thirst for knowledge. has a dagger concealed in his toga and a set of keys that he doesn't know what opens

22.  cleric, Shrunken faced cleric with a tonsure , dressed in robes of grey hues, will be clutching holy symbol and a scroll of cure disease when awakened. will think he is in a afterlife granted by his god and to have been rewarded for his service to that God. (choose random God)

23. mage, young apprentice with a random wand and random spell book, dressed in robes and skull cap, will have last remembered a spell casting that went horribly wrong and the learning faces of demons and burning ice, very crazy roll a madness and a random familiar in stasis with him

24. necromancer T&T young 11 year old boy with a stuffed teddy bear, he will be dressed in black clothing and mutter about revenge and “bringing them all back”  remembers legions of skeletons and the wailing of ghosts from a dark frozen place

25.  druid, Wise old peaceful Hippie with a love of psychedelic mushrooms and all critters great and small. carries a large petrified tree limb club and a bag of nuts for his animal companion squirrel that is in stasis with him under his robes. last remembers finding a blue mushroom

26.  vivimancer T&T crazy eyed middle age woman in a leather labcoat. has pockets full of vivisection tools and a large book filled with spells that look like lab reports. will cackle fanatically
during lightning storms and claim to have trained under a great doctor that created life. will tell everyone a monster shoved her in a box

27 elementalist t&t, pick your own element on this one.  Young girl with flowing robes and braids, armed with a staff and a bottled elemental (small) spell book is in the form of metal disks on a necklace. will longingly dream of planer travel to her chosen elements plane and remembers a great temple to her element overrun by other elements

28 witch/warlock  choose a gender, very cunning and seductive human dressed in evening finery, carries a small black book of spells, the true names of 1d4 random demons, a bag of salt, 13 candles, a piece of chalk and an attitude of disdain for mortals. smells of sulphur and only remembers a party after a banishing that must have gone horribly wrong

non humans tech level 2 and 3 still with a fantasy bent but some of them might be from alternate worlds

31. dwarf fighter, red mo-hawked, tattooed, and bound in a great chain which he will use to fight with since someone stole his axe. has a grudge about everything and will tell you about it right before he charges straight at any monster in sight. doesn't remember much, must have been that 113th pint of ale

32 elf thief, dressed in a black leather like rubber suit that has lots of zippers and pockets, armed with just a dagger and a black black heart. hates anything colorful or fun. last memory is of opening a bag of what was supposed to be gems. has 50 feet coiled silk rope, thieves tools, smoke bombs, a secretly hides a small brightly colored plastic unicorn that he talks too in total darkness

33 half ork assassin,  Ugly bastard dressed in a smart pinstripe suit and a fedora, carries a concealed pistol with a silencer, several hundred credits/gp in small bills/coins and a old subway map from somewhere you haven't heard about. likes pasta and vino, smells of garlic and cigars

34 gnome illusionist,  tiny man in a blue tunic and tall red cone shaped hat, with a smoking pipe, tobacco, a love of animals and practical jokes. HATES TROLLS, will berserk and charge them shouting obscenities

35 dwarf alchemist brewer , wakes up asking for a drink and clutching a recipe book of brews and explosives title “anarchists cookbook”  he is hell bent on getting back to his still and cant remember where it is. dressed in leathers with a sack of bottles, 3 beers, 3 whiskeys, 3 molotov cocktails, and armed with a large metal spoon (mace) pyromaniac, drunk, paranoid, hillbilly dwarf

36 elf blade dancer This female dressed in silks and carrying a matched sword and dagger will speak to few, and no males. she will seem to gracefully float in combat with 3 attacks with the sword and dagger.

37 fey sorcerer, This wispy wood elf girl will be clothed in green and brown silks resembling leaves and will have a silver sickle at her side. a practitioner of nature and trickery magic, she remembers the home tree being struck by lightning, but there was no storm, she will not touch iron or consort with foresters or industrialists. T&T

38 halfling cook, thief , a cooking pot for a helmet and a cleaver for a weapon, this barefoot hobbit is a lecherous glutton and will awake from stasis with a ravenous hunger exclaiming that he is the grand chef of thuria and only cooks with the finest ingredients. he will remember being on a hunting expedition with the prince and a blizzard snowed them in, he will say no more

tech level 3 archetypes characters gleaned from TotGaD and twisted for my imagination

41 cultist (mage)  Dressed in purple flowing robes with a bald head tattooed with purple tentacles this sour little man will often stare into the night sky and preach about the nameless ones and their return. A silver ritual dagger and a staff shod in silver at his side, his spell book looks to have been bound in human skin. he will say nothing about his origins except he is with those who wait.

42 big game hunter (ranger)  Armed with a large bore hunting rifle and dressed in khakis and a pith helmet this hunter remembers a great orange rhino charging from the bush . he is an excellent tracker and hunter with a full kit of wilderness supplies tuck into pockets and a great knowledge of the outdoors. he is terrified of mice and rats

43 monster slayer (paladin) Clad in full black plate mail and with a fiery mane of redhair, this young lady swings a great two handed sword and remembers being swallowed by the jabberwocky. her divine powers come from a consuming lust for killing monsters of any type though she will not harm a human unless pressed to save others

44 arcane taxidermist (vivomancer or necromancer T&T) dressed in a top hat covered with bits of fur and feathers, this older man rejoices in the dark fauna of the shadows and is a creator of life and unlife depending on your point of view. he last remembers falling into one of his own growth vats when a monster he created surprised him. armed with etched glass and copper spell book and a revolver and accompanied in stasis by a taxidermy owl and a preserved jackalope in a jar

45 condemned criminal (thief) a woman in a orange jumpsuit with the number 567 stenciled on the back and a shiv hidden in her sleeve. she will kill without hesitation and burglarize for fun over profit. pyromaniac, immune from mind affecting spells as she is pure psychopath. the last she remembers is being strapped to a gurney and a needle stuck in her arm

46 spy (illusionist) A demure gentleman in a tweed suit and wire rim spectacles
clutching a briefcase with encoded documents (spell book) and a garrote. he will say nothing about how he came to be here but will discuss the weather or how he takes his tea.  

47 spiritualist (TotGaD class, unreleased at this time) This hollow faced man dressed in a somber grey suit seems normal on the outside but is haunted by the dead. he will often stare into the darkness for hours. He carries a holy symbol and a revolver, a bag of salt, and a bottle of fine port. (use a cleric if the class is not available)

48 seductionist (bard) This fiery dame dressed in a short red cocktail dress carries a little black book (spells) a engraved zippo, cigarette case and the voice of an angel when she sings her sad songs. She will wake up startled and ask about the other people in the car, it went over the bridge, didnt it?

tech level 4 space explorers SWN CLASSES

51 exploration pilot, expert , Early deep space wormhole explorer dressed in a Vac suit with a smashed face visor, at his belt is a medical kit and a ray gun with a stun setting only. numerous astromaps on clear plastic surround him and he is devoid of any last memories. HATES AI’s and ROBOTS

52 high tech criminal, expert class, Young woman dressed in futuristic uni suit with nueral implant sockets and her hair in braids. She is wearing a set of low light goggles and has a blacknet hacked datapad .( Other dust reference, use as you wish) Her last memory is of entering stasis for a “job”

53 mindhealer , psion. This is a bald human female dressed in white robes emblazoned with a red seashell, she remembers being put in stasis in order to help others in the future. She is trained in bio psy and telepathy and carries a shock staff and several doses of healing in her bag.

54 frozen soldier, warrior, Red haired and bearded man dressed in tattered tundra camouflaged field uniform armed with a depleted laspistol and combat knife. remembers scientists throwing him in stasis after his base was overrun by space monsters.

55 astronav, psion, Wretchedly twisted by madness (roll a few random ones) after passing through a warpstorm this astronav has sockets and ports all over his bald head and is dressed in the traditional ships robes of orange. his last memory was of the colors of the storm and the leering demon faces made from nebulas. he awakens unarmed and restrained by plastic manicals

56  noble , warrior A gallant prince dressed in rich velvets and armed with a mono-rapier and laspistol who tells a sad tale of going into stasis with his true love, where is she now? he does have a large ornate key to the treasury of his keep and will promise large rewards for those that help him find his princess

57 life pod escapee , expert, clerical  A short little man with glasses, dressed in standard shipssuit, armed with a clipboard data slate with cargo manifests.  He made it to the lifepods and put himself in stasis when the aliens infested the cargo ship he was working for as cargo master. is he infected by alien spoor? or a pirate coward?

58 heretic psyker , This young man dressed in a odd collection of plastic sheeting and cording is elaborately decorated with tattoos and has a shagy mange of hair shaved into a spiral pattern on his head. when he wakes up he will savagly strike out with his mind at anyone looking remotely military and will tell you that he was “put away for the good of humanity”

tech level 4 aliens demi humans
61 space elf (psion) non violence.  Clutching a handful of flowers and with pointed ears sticking out from her golden hair, this damsel is a healer who will not shed blood in any way if it can be helped. She has no memories other than being held in the embrace of the world tree and seeking peace above all things. she will not speak to or around men

62 space dwarf (miner)  A burly short bearded man in a dirty jumpsuit with a cybernetic drill (d6) replacing one hand and forearm this stout spacer will regale the party with tales of asteroids full of rare ores and minerals. if asked why he is in stasis he will only say “lost a bet”

63 space ork (slayer OD or assassin)  Dressed in black rubber and ceramic armor, this tusked beast of a humanoid will growl at his rescuers mentioning nothing of his last memories except for “the beast in the night sky”. He fears bright lights and will stay to himself, though he is an efficient killer who will rip out and eat the heart of any beast he slays

64 space dwarf (expert)  Mirrored shades cover the eyes of this dwarf dressed in a ceramic mesh suit and carrying a datalab and metatool, he will ask about any salvage opportunities and bemoan the fact that the last thing he remembers is his exploration ship hitting that comet

65 space elf (biologist , expert  A stoic pointed ear elf dressed in exploration suit with a geode clutched in his hands, this space elf had just discovered a remarkable find deep underground when gas escaped the rock formation. his many pockets will contain survival gear and sampling containers

66 space ork , warrior heavy weapons)  Dressed in black rubber and ceramic armor, this tusked beast of a humanoid is wrapper in belts of heavy machine gun ammunition and screams in rage that his “Ghat” (gun) is missing and demand to know when it will be returned so that he may continue his one Ork war on the civilized planets, once calmed down he will ask for tea and be very refined. His last memory is of the inside of a giant robotic beast in a radioactive jungle

67 space lizard man, warrior  armored in a bronze segmented suit and carrying a mono axe, this reptilian humanoid loves flies dipped in honey and the splatter of blood from his foes. He believes he is in his own heaven for faithful service on the battlefield, he fears children of any race

68 exotic green girl, dancer expert Dressed in revealing flowing robes concealing a poisoned dagger, this green skinned dancer has a 3 in 6 chance once a day to hypnotize any humanoid male with her dance, right before she will want to plunge the dagger into his chest. She remembers being traded 27 times before she was put into storage for shipping offworld due to her fiery temper

mutants and others  

71 lycantrope   Go to this blogpost, roll as needed.  This 1-2 child 3-4 woman 5-6 man person remembers nothing except for the last full moon. They will be dressed in rags and human

72 mutant cultist OD speaker Dressed in Orange robes, this elderly man will have D3 mutations from Otherdust  and will be a spokesman for the rights of mutants and the change in society that mutants herald. He has been placed in stasis so that he can communicate with later generations what will become commonplace if mankind continues to war among the stars

73 mushroom man A darkened chamber will reveal when opened along with a starchart to his home planet, and he wants to go home

74 Space amazon swn warrior She has raven hair, alabaster skin, golden armor that reflects energy weapons on a 4 in 6, a chainsword, and a attitude of misandry.  

75 jungle cat girl  A jet black jungle version of a ASE 2-3 Moktar entangled in a net and roughly stuck in the chamber. while her communication skills might be lacking, that is made up for by her excellent skill in tracking and pouncing

76  holy warrior (tech level 4 paladin warrior) Dressed in reflective plate armor with a two handed mono sword, this older man serves the machine and worship of the machine, he can turn robots as a cleric of same level and has several schematics on him for servitors. also in the stasis chamber is a servitor skull that floats around when freed and serves like a familiar

77 samurai turtle man.warrior mutant    clad in both protective shell and shell armor this old turtle knows a thing or two about tactics and how to swing his Katana.  He loves pizzas and only communicates in haiku. his last memory was falling down an open manhole in some far future radioactive city

78 bird man , warrior mutant Wings folded around him in order to fit inside the chamber, this humanoid is covered in grey plumage and is in stasis with a laser sniper rifle with telescopic sights. He will remember being on a mission with his flock of elite warriors when a storm blew them off course

81 half ogre ,  large and cranky this half ogre with the mind of a curious child will be clutching half a teddy bear in his large hands and will answer to any name given him. he was orphaned on the battlefield and raised by kindly missionaries and doesn't understand that he is an ogre. he hid inside the stasis chamber when some aliens attacked the mission

82 mutant badlands survivor, opening this stasis chamber gives off a light dose of radiation and the girl inside is dressed in a hospital gown tagged SPECIMEN #39495.  She remembers wandering inside of a great space ship that went through a storm. roll 3 OTHERDUST mutations with NO stigmata

83 lionman Moktar from ASE 2-3   Dressed in a smoking jacket and wearing a green fez, this cheerful Moktar is a rare curiosity as he seems less savage than other specimens, but just as dangerous. He still has limited communication but seems more calm and refined. will stare at a mechanical clock as though mesmerized and prefers his raw meat with a dipping sauce and a tankard of wine

84 badger man mutant  “Did we make it out of the tunnel” he will say when revived, this mild mannered fungus farmer in glasses and wearing a homespun tunic will remember a earthquake and then darkness. In his pockets are recipes for d8 potions made of mushrooms

85 cybernetic bear. Its a grizzly with lots of metal implants and a laser sighting eyepiece. he doesn't talk but loves to dance and shoot things. when a gun runs out of ammo he will just use it as a club

86 savage half elf  Dressed in furs this pointed ear space elf is a mute savage with great skill of hunting, tracking, and setting traps. can not learn the use of tech 2 or above weapons or armor and will collect ears of foes as trophies. FEAR of robots

87 bullywug  A Sinister looking toadman who seeps a hallucinogenic slime (save or confusion if touched with bare skin) armed with a obsidian dagger and dressed in a loincloth. He can talk common he just doesn't like too and collects the eyeballs of his foes and strings them on a necklace. expert swimmer, breaths underwater, and only heals if immersed in mud

88 insect man ASE2-3  A Mantis man from ASE2-3 armed with a sack of grenades and carrying a sack of baby grunkies for food, though he would prefer fresher meat.  CLAUSTROPHOBIC and requires a swig of liquid courage to go underground. last memories are of the hive chasing a pack of feral humans down into a missile silo

some of these are underlined, those are what my homegame rolled as new starter character choices