Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We are off to see a Wizard, Perhaps

The Home Game meets tonight after the winter holiday break. they have 3 options presented for them,

They can stay on the Orbital and fiddle with the controls, theres not much left for them to fight there, so that will be tedious for a few of them. This might mean back to the planets surface and straight into level 2 of ASE

They can listen to the Planetband radio and pick from any number of juicy rumors, Orks in Space, Dwarves in Space, Bring me a Pineapple, or Hark a Void Dragon , all of which will eventually lead to something wild im sure

or they can crack some new characters out of cryostasis , I have mentioned Thieves guild based campaign, they have a spaceship, it could run out of gas somewhere backwater,

It will all be very interesting and include a D66 chart somewhere im sure