Tuesday, January 1, 2013

For the Next Year List

List of things i want to work on for the next year (sorta in order)

  1. I have played through the orbital with both a home group and a online group, its mostly played through, now is the time to finish it and write it all down from the chickenscratch pieces of graphpaper its all on. that means typing up pages, redoing the maps and looking about for some art. It was important to play though it to tweek it as it was going.
Levels of the orbital, Botany, Starport, Museum, Entertainment, Habitation, Import/Export (Research), and command and control also finishing a thing on the factions and history and the new playable race, ORBITAL VERMIN
      2. ZEPPLINS AND AIRSHIPS, This has been stewing for some time and after much book collecting i think i have a plan to do some simple rules for a fantasy/postapoch bolt on ruleset for building and flying balloons and aerial towns that should be LL/SWN compatable

      3.  I really want to do a setting based around a jungle island ala a pulpy Doctor Moreau, setting that would be a WFRP/ASE/WWII thing, im sure its been done before but i have ideas and i want to have tigers and Amazons in my game

 c248a  Jungle Island Map Jungle Island Map for Minecraft 1.3.2