Tuesday, February 5, 2013

and instead i create a radioactive paradise

So, after a holiday break the homegame starts back up and they all say "we want to play something wasteland, Fallout-esque, something with mutants all on one planet"

So, we rolled up Other Dust characters and a couple of mages from http://the-city-of-iron.blogspot.de/p/publications.html

and i came up with this.....
This is just a player map, it goes with this little bit of info on the places

FrenchPost is an ancient settlement dominated by a large Stone church on a hill above the River Red . for the most part it is a peaceful farming community but lives in fear of its neighboring enclaves and areas. Once a year there is a festival of St Armstrong in which several members of the community are exiled for a year and a day to go on pilgrimage (that is you player). mutant friendly
(church site, ancient hate hill beasts to north, ancient settlement 900 people tech 2 oligarchic )

To the East is the small community of Thorny Pines organized by a strict caste system of farmers and woodsmen who are very distrustful of outsiders and mutants. They are mostly formed of a reform group from Pharo Elvis who escaped to lead a pure and simple life farming
(caste based, splinter group, reform, tech 1,  200 people , tribal)

Pharo Elvis was once a great city along the River Man but is now a site of depravity and anarchy led by religious zealots who live in the waste of the city, there are rumors of great food supplies and demons stalking the night  (400 people, tech 1 , anarchy)

Far to the east along the stone road is the remains of a city known as Jax.  Little is known except there used to be a government city here where 6 great roads met and that now it is a land of degenerate cannibals . there are rumors of a large government complex in the area somewhere near a lake

The Port Rads Zone  is north of FrenchPost and is said to be a scavengers paradise and the radiation seems to be going away in the area.  but travelers report sightings of more and more hill beasts in the area from the north

The Pine Rads Zone centers on the remains of a large military base and rumors abound about strange lights in the night sky and aliens, but know one knows if that is true, what they do know is that the trees will eat you

Across the River Sacrament   is the land of the Iron Star, a pre collapse government whose borders are patrolled by robots that shoot on site and dont bother with questions.

Little is know about these western lands except for the occupants of Lunar a heavily fortified ruined spaceport whose occupants barter for lost tech, and grain in exchange for printed books and medicines (300 people, industrialized, tech savants, mutant friendly)

Far to the North are the savage lands of the Hill Beasts who lead raiding parties south in the spring of the year and the sunken swamp lands known as the SuckMucks where odd violent creatures are known to chop men in two with heavy claws and armored hides

Somefolks say that if you can get through the swamps you come to the sea and that many people live on metal islands and have fabulous technology, but thats just rumor, perhaps

So i guess we will play a little Other Dust with Wild Magic, no worries
i can still use a lot of stuff i used in SWN

Books i will be using are

ASE 1-3TotGaD 1-2CarcosaOther DustTheorems & Thaumaturgy

and watching