Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rumors overheard in a radioactive paradise

Big pile of Rumors for the new game, these might be things overheard, remembered, or full out boasting and lies of the bored and frightened farmers in the area

Rumors and Sayins around old FrenchPost

  • “Them there lights over the Piney Rads is getting more frequent like”
  • “Yeller Bill done returned from the Port Rads with a heap of Silver that didn't crackle”
  • “Lunar is going to mount an expedition to the Piney Rads”
  • “them preachers at thorny pines done hung another RadMan “
  • “The grain has a funny orange fuzz on it in the southfield, Mother Amy said we cant burn it this time because the smoke will pollute the air”
  • “some more beastfolk floated down the river ona raft yesterday, the guard shot 2 of them but one got away”
  • “they found old mans hawsers six legged dog the other day, he was in a bad way”
  • “The rust isles are real i tell ya, They can fly to paridise and only charge a shiney gold anvil”
  • Big Lizard with wings haunts the way south delta rad zone, my grandpappy told me there were two cities down there, you ever seen a city flying lizard”
  • “them there thorny pine preachers is from the city of Pharos, they eat each other there”
  • “gimpsun done found a old truck full of guns, said it was in a cave down west, but aint got no proof”

  • “gahlagers still blowed up the other night, he said it was fairys”
  • “Yall here ezehkial done quit being a wizard, said he cant take no more mutations”
  • “I done heard that makson is going to take the truck full of grain all the way to the bridge to trade with folks from Jax”
  • “Kale found a note on a pigeon-ossum he shot the other day”
  • “Jonus said theres a steamboat working on the lower river near the suckmucks, thats impossible”
  • “a witchtree done showed up in farmer bells coral and ate his milk cow”
  • “well i heard there was a devil cow in his herd”
  • Agnes said that barn cat can talk to you with its brain and that it follows the pilgrams each year till they die
  • “The Lunars are trading Batteries for Sugarcane, said they need it for their books”
  • I got a Lunar book once that had drawings of some flame gun in it, lost it in a poker game with the guard
  • “ Seventeen head of sheep disappeared in the lower 36 hexacres near the river, the whole damn herd”
  • “Galavant is hiring for an expedition to the port rads, goinf upriver on a trwalerboat
  • Have you seen that balloon floating in the air after the last big storm
  • Cornrad found a trapdoor when he was hiding near a woodpile on the last trade with the preachers, he said he heard people talking underneath it

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