Friday, February 8, 2013

Majik rules for a radioactive paradise


Mages and how they are gonna work in this game (subject to discussion)

  • We are using the mages from T&T, Yall have the line to that as its my favorite and ive gone over it, But
  • They will save as an Other Dust Speaker
  • and level the same
  • they will choose backgrounds as per Other Dust for skills
  • and pick training packages from either Speaker or Survivor
  • you get the first 6 randomly rolled spells at start
  • any new spells either someone will have to teach you taking d4 days per level, or you can perform a random ritual ( i have random charts for that) or you can take certain drugs and after the effects wear off you will know a random spell) THERE ARE NO SPELL BOOKS
  • all spells have a visual effect of some kind when being cast
  • Mages are mutants, but dont think they are.
  • Some churches like mages, some hunt them
  • you can cast any spell you know up to the amount of slots you have
  • after you are out of slots you can take a saving throw vs spells to cast another spell but if you fail that you loose d6 per level system strain and have a chance 1 in 6 per level of getting a bad powersurge (i have a table for that also)
  • it gets harder to make the saving throw each time
  • mages have 1d6 per level HP
  • mages can use any weapon
  • mages can wear armor, but it will mess up spell casting BADLY
  • Radiation levels effect spells