Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bang Bang, its Dead, some simple houserules for combat

Picture from Stacy Dellorfano

Laying out some of the simple houserules for the homegame


  • Track your ammo, its valuable
  • Guns make noise, monsters have ears
  • roll a one to hit and something happens
  • 1-3 missfire, bad ammo, reload.  4-5 jammed weapon, you should have cleaned it, telling me that alot will get you a reroll. this also will reduce your weapons repair by one.  6. you broke it, perhaps someone can fix it
  • If you burst fire the above happens on a 1,2, or 3

FLAMING OIL, it comes in different grades and has a chance of hurting you or others if you miss

  • they can break or degrade on a 1 to hit
  • they are quieter than guns
  • you can hit your friend in the face with them under certain circumstances on a 1
  • there are no magic weapons, just technology ones

  • on a 1, you 1-5 loose or break the arrow on a 6 you break a string
  • you can shoot into melee, if you miss you roll again to hit and it could be your friends back you hit