Thursday, February 21, 2013

And out of the radioactive marshes rise..... (NEW MONSTER)

The Players having found themselves in a tight spot at the bottom of a pit full of rusting cars and brackish water with some gun toting devil swine hunters wanting to parley decided to make some friends of gobstop, frank, earl, a boy named pork and an mysterious 3 armed one legged hopping necromancer

we only had one major thing the whole evening of games and i leave that here

Radioactive Marsh Dragon with a twist of acid and a splash of strange gut chemicals

No. Encounter 1 or 2
Alignment Chaotic Hungry
Movement 120' floating flying only
Armor class undamaged 9 due to size and floating, down on to max AC 5 once it starts deflating 
hit dice 6
attacks 2d10 acid twice per day, 4 attacks claws 1d4 (short little arms) if punctured 1d10 blast 
saves as fighter /warrior 6
xp 600
treasure/ harvest-able acid resistant skin with survival roll, 1d6 jars of 1d10 acid
long sharp hollow rib bones as 1d6 exotic javelins, craw full of acid melted precious metal lump 1d10 pounds of mixed metals copper, elect-rum   silver and crushed worthless gems 

Ecological Notes

The RMD looks like a large bloated creature with small wings and 6 little tiny legs covered in a slightly greenish blue stretched skin in its floating form.

Their guts turn acid damaged meat and vegetable matter into a type of non flammable and acidic lighter than air gas which inflates them to float in the air. 

they float lazily above ruined areas looking for heat signatures as they have poor eyesight but can smell heat and will often land directly on a large heat source. 

They are not very aggressive and will stay aloft as long as the gas inside is buoyant before they need to eat, while eating and on the ground they can barely move as they have tiny little legs having difficulty on non floating movement 

They can use their breath attack twice per day once at the beginning of combat and once as a final dying act if damaged. being full of gas any piercing, slashing, or explosive attacks will release a spray of acidic air blasts from the puncture 1d10. they are non flammable and their body chemistry rabidly extinguished flames  

AC 9 easy to hit in bloated form they become more difficult after leaving some of their gas by one AC each hit down to AC 5 

not much is know about their mating habits but there have been rumors of large acidic ponds with thousands of swimming tadpoles in a similar shape and coloration 

they are often hunted for their skins and acidic fluids by the suckmuck tribal militias