Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First days on the road....... Snakes, and trees, and toddler monkees

Dead Cow Eating Tree

Our "Pilgrims" left FrenchPost today on a journey of exploration and discovery 
 Murderhobo expedition .   

Cast of characters

The 7 foot tall vivimancer armed with 15 flasks of oil and a bow and one eye, two mouths 

The Diplomatic Speaker covered in moving tattoos , always the Optimist

Never Sleeps, Scrounger with a hankering for spare parts and explosives

And Lastly, Our Sociopath Lady Illusionist who needs a laser rifle

Having been recently expelled from the town in a yearly ritual our adventures head out into the radioactive paradise to investigate the rumor of " a witch tree broke down the corral at farmer pugs and ate his cows". Arriving at the farmstead to the sound of screams from the barn loft they fling open the doors to find a giant snake, mid meal and trying to fit through the hatch it came in from.  A few well placed arrows and a sleep spell and one snoozing snake is dispatched with a well placed but perhaps mis spent revolver shot to the head. Skinning and snake ration harvesting ensued. 

Seems the little lady trapped in the barn loft is the only one at home as her pa and brother are out trying to round up the cows that escaped when the corral was broken down by a witch tree with a hunger. Following the trail they sneak up on a witch tree slurping out the insides of the farmer and a battle ensues. 

you will remember one of the players has 15 bottles of oil rolled randomly , well he only has 7 now.  through some well placed Molotov cocktails and a entangle spell no more evil tree and a minor forest fire that takes the rest of the day to put out. (yes they mentioned putting out the fire, as i already had an idea for the night time part of this segment if they didnt )

The next morning led to some tracking to see if the tree had any loot at its lair, yep that was the phrasing. This led to a clearing with some kind of one wheeled vehicular track that lead to a ashpalt-crete ancient roadway leading into the Piney Rads. Someone remembered a rumor of a underground truck full of guns near here so they strike out looking for that with no real clue as to find it.

searching the ruins looking for anything leading down did lead to a lucky roll and a stairway down into a parking garage fell into a sinkhole, salty brine and twisted old vehicular transports, and lo and behold two of them where box trucks, one unlocked, one locked

everyone climbed down into the sink hole and quickly searched the unlocked cargo area of the truck finding a box of guns, super soaker water guns.  the pyros in the bunch then reminded the rest that they still have 7 flasks of oil and a few lighters, this is gonna be interesting

searching through the other locked truck they find some lifestyle stims , a map, and some fake head sized jewels right before they looked up to their unguarded rope and saw another scavenger team at the rope, guns pointed at them and looking stern

Tune in next time for DIPLOMACY OR BUST: Parley in the radioactive wastes