Saturday, August 9, 2014

Into the Fetid Pit

One of the games i have missed the most on G+ is the +HMS Apollyon Google + Game . This week i got the chance to go venture again with the game of scavengers with a newly rolled up Frogling Shaman 

session report , episode 6, season 3

Phin-Gnawer walked carefully down the steep rusty stairs onto the balcony overlooking the chamber that held his old spawning pool, it was habit to visit even though he was too low caste to visit the pools directly. The chain manacled to his wrist swung slightly and he could still feel the hex that ran through it  from the previous days combat

"Salutations Brothers and Sisters, it is i Phin-Gnawer who has returned again to tell you more of the world outside the pool, you swim now safe among the reeds and rust protected by your elders, but soon you will be like me and cast out to prove yourself"
 he pauses to take a tiny jeweled crab off his chain and crush it with his fingers before tossing it in the pool " taste that children, it is just one of the many delicacy things that you will find, I have joined a small band of scavengers to explore a large area under the light of the daystar, down a giant chain and into the dankness"  
he concentrates thinking on the right words "they are mostly the pink skins who sink instead of swim and a flying fur man of the argent hairs, but they are not a bad lot, they look for things of value, things that the pink skins might need or be able to sell to the deamons upstairs" at mentioning upstairs he rubs the manacle, a constant reminder of his time of trials.

"we where attacked by flying worms while searching a room of iron and i used my magic to puff up into my mighty war stance and swing the chain of my torment, the others fought bravely also , even the mysterious spiritman who seems to be on another plane at times, the winged fur man was hurt sorely, i believe he was still recovering from the wicked kelp rum of the scavengers, you must be pure of body little ones for the great one to find room in your heart for his darkness of glory"

The jeweled crabs attacked us on the way out after the men had found much treasure in the form of black earth, it was a near thing for us as they were hard to crack, that is where i brought your treat from"  Phin-Gnawer shuffled on his feet a bit jingling the hex stones he wears for protection and his magic, " I must go now brothers and sisters, swim safly now, and i will see you on either this side or the other of the inky depths"

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