Tuesday, September 9, 2014

dX What has it got in its eye socket?

dX What has it got in its eye socket?

Some creatures have odd things in their eye sockets , sometimes you need a table for that. while looking for tables to think about on G+ Chris H asked for an whats in the eye socket table, well here goes

1. splinter of a ancient slaying spear protruding from the socket and grown over with scar tissue. its just a piece of a holy relic, much discharged of its magic but it gives the creature a plus 1 to damage through the holy wrath that has twisted up inside it from the twisted magic. perhaps the splinter could be used to find the rest of the ancient artifact holy or unholy as it might be

2. Gem of Shadow seeing, this dark smoky green crystal  shard seems to have been pushed into the eye socket forcefully, and a weepy grey pus seeps from the wound. it allows the creature to see into the shadows much like they are not there. on a 5 in 6 can see creatures hidden in shadows. implanting the thing in ones own eye will blind that eye suffering dex penalties but allow shadow sight and 4 in 6 on seeing lower level invisibility magic

3. nest of magical miniature hornets  . careful observation will see small magical hornets fly out of what looks like an empty eye socket , they have nested in the socket and some of the brain area and feed off of the memory  of the host and others that they attack. they have formed a symbiotic parisite host relationship with the huminoid and alert it to danger in a 50 foot area (can not be suprised) if the creature is attacked and hit in the head they will swarm out and attack a 20 foot circle , there stings causing 1d2 intelligence loss as a swarm attack. they will always attack magic users with preference as they are attracted to the reek of magic

4. the orb of malice is a red pulsating crystal that grows out of a creature's eye socket. It is often placed in slaves or unwilling creatures  to create guards and allows the creator to “see” through the eye monitoring an area that the creature patrols.  a creature with an orb of malice will attack anything in it sight until death

5. The Tears of Aroz , Not the eye itself wich is now milky white but the tears that are seeping from they eye are the thing here. It is said that these creatures have been touch by some divine being or power and the tears they weep 1d4 and hour can remove curses like a high level spell. the problem being it is not easy to catch the tears (dex check) that must be procured from a still fighting creature and the condition is only noted in the most terrible and vicious creatures

6. Lens of capture is a concave mirror enclosed withing the eye socket. said to have originated from the terrible planes of hazzot and implanted in hunters of slaves. these have been found in other creatures placed for unknown reasons. the lens allows a gaze attack that will (save allowed) teleport the unwilling victiam of the gave to another plane or dimension. can capture teleport one creature a round, all to the same place a person holding the lens or the severed head of the creature is able to teleport back to the original plane or teleport others from that plane

7. arrowhead of Bazuigut the Finder. this brass arrowhead if attached to an arrow with the proper ritual is able to be shot and will find any known creature from any distance. once used by the mighty monster hunter wizard captain Bazuigut to find his prey. A person performing the ritual and shooting the arrow into the sky will be under the effect of a Gueis spell until they find the creature and slay them to retrieve the arrow. they will see and only them dancing lights illuminating a path to follow each night.

8. Crystals of the North is actually an eye infection given by demons of the eternal frost to creatures they have had carnal knowledge of during worship, it looks like small blue and purple crystals are embedded in the eyes and allows the infected resistance to cold and a minor 1d4 frost gaze attack. remove disease will cure the affliction but most who have it dont wish to be cured, they wish to freeze the flesh of the unbeliever